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Ilse Gregoor

What separates a good production from a great one? Is it the best camera equipment, or the biggest budget, or the most beautiful location? All these things naturally help with a beautiful film, but in my opinion the most important thing is: an artistic vision with an eye for detail. And that's where I come in. Costume may not be the first thing you think about when you start a new production, but it is certainly an important one. Because whatever story you tell, whatever genre you make, whatever your actors do, they always have clothes on. Those clothes influence the look of your film. It would be a shame if the shot in which you invested thousands of euros in manpower and equipment is ruined by a t-shirt that just doesn't look good on camera. A film is of course always a collaboration of several people, techniques and specialisms. And I think to create a really great production, all the elements have to fit together perfectly. I would love to take care of this one element, the costumes, for you. About me: I am a young costume designer of 27 years old, but I have done quite a bit in those years. I have a bachelor's degree in Theater Studies and a degree in Costumière. I have worked on several theater and film productions. Including The Theater Equation (2016), Complete (post production, 2021) and several shorts. I specialize in historical clothing and can create historically accurate costumes for multiple periods without any problems, but I also have enough experience with contemporary costumes. I am always open to new experiments and learning new techniques, and I like to create something beautiful with a small budget. Do you have a fantastic production, and are you still looking for someone to dress up your characters so that they jump off the page and become real people? Then you can reach me at [email protected] or at 0618172967.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Ilse Gregoor
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Op: 28-05-2022 / 1984 x bekeken
Categorie: Personen / crew , 18-30 , Vrouw , Redelijk ervaren of opgeleid , Marktconforme betaling/vergoeding , Lowbudget betaald (naast onkosten ook betaling)
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